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Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf

We offer a full range of quality synthetic grass products
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Durability & Warranty
One of the best warranties in the industry.

Our synthetic lawn grass carries a eight year Manufacturers Limited Warranty, but that doesn't mean your lawn grass will only last eight years. With a little care and an annual dose of our special UV/Enhancement Treatment, your lawn grass can last ten years or more, and you can enjoy your beautiful green grass for years and years to come.

All-Weather Surface

Our turf is already in all environments.

Currently installed in all climates - - from the scorching Western U.S. desert climates, to the far Northern Canadian climates, to the tropical hot and humid climates of South Florida and Hawaii.

Works in all conditions year-round: hot/cold; humid/arid; and it will not be damaged by normal sun, wind, rain, snow, or ice.

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High Quality Construction - with years of Research and Development.

Engineered with small sub-base drainage holes built into the backing, each product supports a variety of activities and durability requirements. A synthetic surface that's more durable, more affordable, longer lasting, and to many looks even better than real grass!

Our synthetic lawn grass system has undergone several years of research and development in all environments, creating an efficient, yet affordable, proprietary installation process.

The revolutionary synthetic lawn grass system consists of a synthetic turf fiber that is constructed of intense UV protected, soft polyethylene multi-fiber that has been spring-set at the manufacturing process, thus creating a mat-resilient realistic lawn grass.

Our synthetic grass fibers stand up naturally, but do require a little sand or rubber infill to help increase the stability of the root of the fibers (to help it stand up), and to additionally assist in weighing down the turf so it doesn't shift or move. This special in-fill process provides a resilient, natural earth feel. Our fibers are strong, smooth, soft, and forgiving. What makes our our Turf the most realistic synthetic lawn grass on the market is its unique multi-fiber design. The fibers simulate "real" grass blades that are found in Kentucky Blue Grass and St. Augustine turf. Our grass looks so real that the only way you can tell it is synthetic is because it is too perfect...green year round and perfectly mowed. It can be cleaned with a leaf blower or plastic lawn rake.

Our turf is the highest quality synthetic lawn grass on the market!!!


Our product can easily fit into any space, no matter what shape or size it is.
Standard roll width is 15'.
Roll lengths come in every 5' increments - up to 100' per roll.

Color and Appearance

Our turf looks like real grass (some say even better)! With just a little basic maintenance your yard will always be green, neat, and beautiful for many years!

Our synthetic lawn grass has been designed with the most natural color shades of green possible. A green so beautiful you will be the envy of every neighbor!

You will have a "Dream Lawn"!

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Walk in the grass, play in your yard. Not only does it "look like real grass", but it "feels good too"!

Our special backing gives you a natural feeling when you walk on it and our rubber in-fill method makes it feel good to play on. A perfect "Oasis" for families, kids, and pets.

Save Time

Save a week of your life per year! That's right - - the average American homeowner will spend about 40 hours per year on their lawns upkeep.

What does it really cost you in terms of lost time with loved ones, or in doing something you really enjoy in life (assuming you don't like operating a lawn mower)? Think about the time lost in 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years...

Save Money

Professional sod installations can often cost $1.00 per square foot (or more with the cost of underground sprinklers), plus the ongoing and continuous costs associated with the upkeep of a real lawn such as mowing, watering, fertilizing, chemicals and pesticides, over seeding, and water irrigation equipment installation and maintenance. When you actually figure out the real cost to keep your grass maintained, you will agree "there is no other logical choice"! Install our turf today!

What does it really cost you to maintain your yard per year?

For 5 years??
For 10 years???

Save the Environment

Conservation: Conserving water has never been more important throughout all areas of the United States, and the World!

Even areas with apparently plentiful supplies of water have experienced shortages at times with water supplies. The desert West climates have been experiencing water difficulties for years. California wild fires and dependency on Western states for water needs are a big problem. Even areas that have abundant mountain streams and rivers, such as Colorado and Utah, are now experiencing water shortages and mandatory lawn watering restrictions. It was just a few short years ago that even tropical Florida experienced a severe drought and many large fires. This goes without saying that the other dry areas of our country consistently face a water shortage trade-off. Large urban areas of New York and New Jersey, are also helped with water reductions gained from synthetic lawns in urban areas.


Think of all the good things by eliminating:

  • gas powered lawn mowers (can pollute as much in an hour as 10 late model cars).
  • the inadvertent gas spillage from filling lawn mowers (this accounts for more than the Exxon Valdez spill each year).
  • additional electricity needed to generate power for electric lawn mowers.
  • ground water contamination from water run-off from chemicals manufactured to treat lawns.
  • high water demands of sprinkler systems.
  • methane gas from grass clippings are one of the largest landfill contributors to the greenhouse effect.
  • typical lawn watering is 500% greater than the average daily total household water use for drinking, taking showers, toilets, cooking, and cleaning combined.

Really makes you think, doesn't it?

Finally we have a choice...Your decision can help make a difference!

Add Value

Our turf can increase the value of your property by:

  • The sheer beauty of a perfectly maintained lawn.
  • Savings over its lifetime of use.

Contact us - free estimates

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